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NXT GEN Training

The Challenge: Going Beyond Classroom Theory

Current training is often ineffective for today’s workforce. We have seen the following common challenges:

  • Content created for training is often presentation based
  • Technical subjects are often taught with theoretical methods
  • Over-reliance on instructor-led training (ILT) to establish fundamental knowledge
  • Testing and knowledge checks do not validate that the learner fully understands the material; often questions are academic and do not force the learner to apply the training to specific situations
  • Continuing training through on-the-job training (OJT) lacks standardization since each supervisor or work leader interprets standards and procedures and provides their best judgment when training their crew
  • Workforce training is not aligned with standard programs, procedures, and work instructions
  • Methods to deliver training are time-consuming and expensive
  • Just-in-time training is rarely delivered well or through integrated technology solutions
  • Staff training is often ineffective for today’s energy workforce development

There’s a New Way to Train Your Workforce

ScottMadden integrates multiple technologies and platforms to deliver consistent results at a reduced cost. NXT GEN training engages real employees on the job, performing real work: whether in a bucket truck or down in a crawl space.

Together, we will bring your workforce training program to life by going beyond classroom theory and showing workers on the job how to work in the field given real circumstances. This method of learning is often part of your daily life already.

Consider the following example: when you need to fix your washing machine, one of the first things you probably look to do is not pick up the instruction manual but go online and view a video on how to follow a step-by-step task.

NXT GEN Workforce Training uses the same philosophy and approach to bring that technology into the workplace, providing other options to consume content, whether field-ready mobile platforms or virtual reality simulations where workers can step through a complex evaluation to identify and reduce safety risks and safety hazards.

Drivers for Training Modernization

In the energy workforce development space, we have seen five primary drivers for training modernization: improved supervisor effectiveness, reduced costs, improved knowledge transfer, reduced safety risk, and reduced rework.

Drivers for Training Modernization

“This is a home run. Really great stuff!”

–Natural Gas Field Ops Manager

Our Approach to Training the Energy Workforce

At ScottMadden, we’ve developed a unique approach to training modernization.

Our philosophy through NXT GEN Training® is based on the following principles:

  • Learning through real-life scenarios
  • Testing through practical questions forces the learner to apply topics to real situations
  • Changing behaviors to drive improved performance
  • Ensuring a sustainable solution that our clients can manage and maintain
  • Using clients’ native technologies and tools
  • Ensuring clients maintain ownership of the content

We apply our industry operational experience to each NXT GEN® effort as opposed to a training development firm or technology vendor who has no field experience.

A New Perspective on Training

NXT GEN uses a unique process to modernize training.

A New Perspective on Training
What Our Clients are Saying

“This media approach is much more effective for communicating this information. Procedures and PowerPoint slides just aren’t as effective.”
–Generation Operator

“I think we have a very good product for LOTO training. The audio and video are clear, the quizzes are appropriate as a knowledge check and the overall package is professional.”
–Enterprise LOTO SME

“We’ve been struggling to move the needle when it comes to safety, and this moves the needle.”
–Transmission Director

“You took something we struggled with and made it easy.”
–Health and Safety Manager

“This is cool. It’s like a YouTube video. This makes a lot of sense.”
–Natural Gas Pipeline Inspector

Our process includes a site visit to capture field-based scenarios, such as OSHA-mandated Lock-Out-Tag-Out (LOTO) courses, Confined Space training, or Human Performance applications. Regardless of the chosen scenarios, together we capture content from real employees performing real jobs. The NXT GEN process also includes a comprehensive, cross-functional client review to ensure the content aligns with standards and resonates with learners.


NXT GEN Training Benefits

Our clients have identified significant benefits from the NXT GEN Training approach. While these tools provide a host of benefits, we believe the value is primarily in these critical propositions:

  • improved safety behaviors
  • the consequent increase in safety and risk reduction;
  • reduced rework;
  • improved supervisor effectiveness;
  • reduced cost

These factors combine for a compelling value package for any workforce training program.

Benefits of this approach include:

Modular – Content can be focused on specific tools or tasks allowing reference material beyond training applications – safety briefings, operational (job briefs) and work package references

Scalable – Content captured for NXT GEN CBTs can be used as the basis for future Mixed Reality (XR) training applications

Easily Deployable – NXT GEN CBTs and VR-Lite options can be rapidly deployed

Standardized – Training content sets standard expectations which reduces risk of potentially inconsistent standards set by supervisors and crew leads often found with an on-the-job training (OJT) or apprentice approach

Digital – Content and delivery approach is tailored to new generation of workers who have different skills, norms and expectations. Employees are familiar with digital tools and training methods outside of work settings and are demanding more innovative approaches to training

“NXT GEN Training makes things easy. Everything is just clear and easy to follow. Our team uses it in the field, the classroom…all over the place.”

Sample NXT GEN Training Use Cases

NXT GEN Training has been used to train thousands of industry professionals across the energy sector, including generation, nuclear, transmission, distribution, natural gas, and other critical infrastructure businesses.

Our Workforce Training Solutions and Services

We help develop a training modernization strategy and partner with our clients to implement the solution.

Training Modernization Strategy

We can help you develop a business case and strategy for training modernization and prioritize topics best suited for transformation.

e-Learning Development

We can help build enhanced computer-based training and other structured modules which provide traceable training records.

VR-Lite Simulations

We partner with you to develop scenario-based simulation modules which use 360 videos and embedded guidance.

Micro-Learning Videos

We team with your SMEs to prepare short, focused video-based training that can be viewed on-demand or in series. These can be referenced from field tools or stored in a digital library.

Virtual Walkthroughs

We help you map out a virtual tour of your facility to use as a learning or operational guide. We start by defining use cases upfront to ensure all relevant detail is captured.

How We See NXT GEN Training Being Applied

How NXTGEN can be applied

Watch Videos

Below are videos that depict the overall concept and benefits of the application.

This approach to training helps supervisors understand how work should be performed, aligns supervisors to a set of common standards, and improves the effectiveness of observations.
NXT GEN Training reduces instructor workload, eliminates travel costs, and is significantly less costly to develop and maintain compared to virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality solutions (AR).
We partner with our clients to develop solutions that reduce safety risks and improve training effectiveness. 
NXT GEN Training brings your procedures to life and allows learners to see human performance concepts applied to real jobs. Complex or infrequent evolutions have proven to be compelling use cases for this approach.

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