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Three Key Considerations for HCM Technology Implementation

As leaders in Human Capital Management (HCM), we help clients with every part of the HCM technology journey. We partner with organizations that are exploring the implementation of an HCM technology solution and with those who are redesigning processes and operations years after implementing a new system. Through our engagements, we hear variations of the following three themes:

1. Our organization is considering a new HCM technology solution. What are some key benefits to consider?

Technology is often an enabler to strategy, and HR solutions are no different. Many organizations look for a new HCM technology solution when they need to improve HR’s ability to think and operate strategically.

Numerous HCM options exist in the market and selecting the right HCM solution is essential for organizations to realize the intended benefits of a new system. Primary goals of technology enhancements should include:

Case Study: Two major retail and distribution companies merged and needed to combine their HR functions, establish a dedicated employee support center, and harmonize the HCM technology solution. ScottMadden advised on each phase of the implementation journey to deliver an HCM solution that supported an improved service delivery model for the combined entity.


2. Our organization is about to begin an HCM technology solution implementation. What are some important aspects of the project to anticipate?

Successful implementations often take the following steps before the project begins:

Case Study: An international construction and engineering business launched a new HCM solution across 40 countries with decentralized operations. The effort required dedicated support from different stakeholders who were tapped to enter a program role while maintaining day-to-day operations. ScottMadden helped executives with program and change management, assisted with technical and functional global requirements gathering, acted as a project liaison for local teams, and supported stabilization.


3. Our organization recently launched a new HCM technology solution. How do we foster continuous improvement and build on our success?

Launching a new HCM solution is a meaningful step. Successful organizations create a team that continues to:

Case Study: A global pharmaceutical company was experiencing talent acquisition operational issues in the HCM solution module. A short implementation window left the organization with gaps in process, policy, operational efficiency, user experience, and the integration between talent acquisition and hiring managers. ScottMadden led a project to identify opportunities and set a strategic improvement roadmap.

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