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Strategic Workforce Planning: Answering Your Top 5 Questions


ScottMadden reviewed strategic workforce planning at the EEI Strategic Issues Roundtable addressing the top questions on everyone’s mind: What? Who? How? Where? Why?

What’s Changing?

The Evolving Model:

  • The stakes are high. Our Utility Industry is changing, and the workforce must change with it
  • Digital transformation – our world will be more digital; our processes and decisions will be more data and analytics-intensive
  • Our technology will be more pervasive, artificially intelligent, and sophisticated – to name but a few factors
  • Our engagement with stakeholders, customers, and partners will be even more complex, consequential, and collaborative
  • Our processes will be more end-to-end, less silo-ed, and more automated

Different People – Demographics, Changing Labor Market Competitors/Terms of Competition

  • Millennials – four generations in the workforce
  • Anticipated retirements are ramping up
  • Loss of tacit knowledge as baby boomers retire is looming
  • Challenges in retaining/engaging younger staff while meeting the needs of more tenured workers
  • The terms of competition in the labor marketplace are being upended by the likes of Google

Difference Planning

  • In our industry, the terms of business competition are being rebalanced as to the relative value of physical capital (i.e., “big iron in the ground”) and human capital (i.e., competencies and intellectual property)
  • A different kind of workforce planning will be needed by most

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