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Talent Management

Talent Management: Navigating the Future with ScottMadden 

ScottMadden recognizes the challenges in attracting, developing, and retaining top talent while managing costs and performance. Our comprehensive approach ensures that organizations are equipped to navigate the complexities of the modern talent landscape. 


Enhanced HR Operations for Employee Engagement 

An effective HR function with clear roles and responsibilities is essential for enabling HR to provide strategic advisement for a positive and productive work environment. ScottMadden looks at the HR function as a whole to understand the foundation for talent structure, skills, processes, services, and tools. By starting with the foundation, our approach ensures adaptability to business shifts and integrates HR programs and practices to align with corporate strategies, enhancing organizational effectiveness. 


Strategic Talent Acquisition 

Understanding the crucial role of talent acquisition in corporate strategy, we focus on aligning the recruitment process and technology with organizational goals. This strategic alignment ensures the attraction and retention of individuals capable of excelling in their roles and significantly contributing to business success. 


ScottMadden’s Talent Management Framework 

Our framework provides a robust support cycle for talent management, addressing these key areas: 

  • Strategic and Business Planning: We offer tactics and tools to connect strategic goals of the business to impactful plans for people to ensure that the HR function is aligned to the needs of their customers. 
  • Talent Management Assessment: Our expertise in evaluating and identifying gaps in talent management programs and processes provides actionable insights for HR leaders to enact change. 
  • Organizational Design and Staffing: We assist in realigning organizational structures and job architecture to improve accountability, performance, and cost effectiveness. 
  • Project Management Excellence: Our methodology in project management can be deployed to advance talent management projects, such as HR technology implementations or leading practice program development and deployment, to successfully meet key milestones and business goals. 

We are dedicated to helping organizations develop a robust talent management strategy that is aligned to strategic goals and focused on talent. We help organizations operationalize programs and ensure connection to HR services and tools. 

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