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Contingent Labor Approach Extreme demand, growing workforce shortages, and a constantly changing healthcare landscape make it imperative for healthcare leaders to embrace the workforce of the future and to develop scalable staffing and deployment solutions. Establishing or amplifying your contingency labor program is imperative to avoid any missteps that dramatically impact emergent patient care and can prevent you from excelling in a normal state of operations.

ScottMadden has found that the most successful organizations are tackling the challenge by re-envisioning their contingency workforce programs—redeploying qualified healthcare workers from other patient care areas to help treat patients, as well as acquiring professionals in other creative ways, such as rehiring retirees. A key to the success of this balancing act is easy access to and by the professionals that an institution seeks.

Enhance or rapidly develop and deploy your contingency workforce program to:


Unexpected and seasonal peaks in demand can be resolved quickly and efficiently


Shifts in critical areas can be filled to meet immediate and unexpected fluctuations


Leverage technologies to predict staffing needs and immediately engage qualified candidates while limiting recruitment activities


Agency overhead and costs are reduced and compliance ensured with a qualified pool of candidates


Your innovative leadership, combined with an improved contingency workforce program, will allow you to address staffing fluctuations while meeting the specific demands of your organization. The following chart demonstrates the reduced variability from your well-integrated staffing plan.

The Impact of the Enhanced Contingent Workforce

Source: Health Market Solutions, LLC

How ScottMadden Can Help

ScottMadden has worked extensively with leading national healthcare clients and has a program in place that we’ve adjusted to help you adjust too. By enhancing or rapidly developing your contingent labor programs, you are better able to quickly respond and adapt in this ever-changing environment—today and in the future. Learn about our agile approach today to fill staffing gaps and ensure success under the most pressing circumstances.