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Transformation of Service Delivery on a Dime

At a Glance

Step-by-Step Support

Led the client through the following tasks to set the backbone of the HR service delivery model:

  • HR policy harmonization
  • Process redesign
  • Case management and portal systems modifications
  • Knowledgebase creation
  • Workflow design for internal service requests

Successful Launch

Successfully launched the new HR shared services center with:

  • 21 harmonized policies
  • 61 standardized processes

Role Clarification

Defined the role of the HR business partner to:

  • Align to the company’s strategic goals
  • Ensure alignment with best practices


A medical product and service company was focused on growth on a global scale and wanted to standardize service, improve administration of global processes, centralize administrative tasks, and elevate the HR business partner role. A dispersed employee base, competing objectives of each business, and cut-backs in funding presented challenges to implementing the goals.


  • Led the client through policy harmonization and process redesign to set the backbone of the new HR service delivery model
  • Helped to modify existing case management and portal systems to meet the needs of HR, create an employee-facing knowledgebase, and develop workflows for internal service requests
  • Developed comprehensive training plans and materials to coordinate with the change management plan to ensure all HR staff, HR partners, and stakeholders were ready for the transition to the new model


  • The client met the short implementation timeline and launched the new HR shared services center with 21 harmonized policies and 61 standardized processes
  • Client launched a self-service employee portal where users can initiate service requests and access readily available information via the knowledgebase
  • Team successfully defined the role of the HR business partner in the HR transformation so that roles and responsibilities in HR could align to its strategic goals

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