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Technology Selection and Optimization

When it comes to technology selection, businesses need to assess their objectives and determine which technology will best support these goals. This often requires the assistance of consultants experienced in technology selection who can help to identify the most appropriate solutions based on a thorough understanding of the unique needs of each organization.

There is more to technology selection and optimization than making sure your business has the latest tools. Technology has to contribute to your organization’s overall performance. At ScottMadden, we bring business knowledge to your technical problems, bridging the gap between business needs and technology solutions – and helping you get the full benefit of your technology investment. We operate as an independent advisor, focused on your needs, not a particular technological solution. We assess how technologies are deployed to support your business operations and key processes and how employees are currently using these systems. And we identify key gaps with your existing technologies and, as needed, bring knowledge across various application categories to facilitate the enhancement of existing technologies or the evaluation of new tools.

ScottMadden has a particular strength in helping clients select and implement new technologies, in particular for human resources (HR) and Finance Processes Our years of process redesign allow us to quickly understand your business and requirements and then immediately know how to use the various technologies to your advantage. We help you determine business requirements, identify appropriate vendors and products, facilitate the selection process, design the best configuration, and facilitate testing of the system.

Expert Technology Selection Consultants

ScottMadden Management Consultants have deep expertise with various HR technologies, including HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems), HRIS self-service modules, talent management systems, and a variety of other solutions. Our consultants have years of significant experience with service center technologies, including:

  • portal;
  • case management;
  • knowledgebase;
  • chat;
  • document management;
  • scanning;
  • optical character recognition.

In addition, we have helped clients assess and optimize technologies in many areas of key finance processes (e.g., procure to pay, order to cash, record to report).

ScottMadden will work with you and your enterprise technology team to fine-tune requirements and objectives and ensure you take the right steps to streamline operations and reduce costs through optimal technology selection and management.


Corporate & Shared Services

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