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Rates & Regulatory

The Complex World of Utility Regulation

As the clean energy transition drives investment in a variety of assets and the need for innovative programs, expertise in utility rates and regulation is critical. Utilities need to be able to connect the investments and programs being implemented and the regulatory mechanisms needed to enable them. Utilities today need to develop and implement regulatory proposals that meet regulator, stakeholder, and customer needs.

Our Regulatory Expertise

ScottMadden offers a comprehensive suite of services, helping clients with regulatory strategy development, rate filing preparation, expert witness testimony, and rate case management. Our team consists of seasoned professionals who bring decades of experience assisting utilities manage the regulatory process. ScottMadden’s rates and regulatory team includes individuals with experience in both utilities and consulting, helping to design, development, support, and implement regulatory proposals.


ScottMadden’s Rates and Regulatory Services

Regulatory Strategy Development

  • Strategic Analysis and Support: Focusing on the strategic analysis of industry topics, such as decarbonization, through strategic analysis, regulatory filings, and implementation plan development
  • Policy Analysis: Assessing regulatory policies and practices such as capitalization and corporate cost allocation
  • Research and Analysis: Providing customized research, analysis, and decision support in regulatory matters
  • Valuation Analysis: Performing valuation analyses for utility transactions, internal planning, and regulatory responses


Expert Witness Testimony

  • Rate Case Testimony: Handling a wide array of rate case studies and topics, including revenue requirements, return on equity, cash working capital, class cost of service, and rate design
  • Support for Rate Design: Sponsoring testimony for performance-based ratemaking, multi-year and phase-in rate plans, capital and O&M cost trackers, time-of-use rates, special contract rates, and multipart rate structures

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Comprehensive Rate Case Management

  • Rate Case Assistance: Supporting all aspects of rate case filings, from initial planning to the management of testimony and exhibits
  • Post-filing Support: Analyzing intervenor positions and developing rebuttal positions and testimony


ScottMadden understands the importance of effective regulatory strategy and implementation in today’s environment. Our expertise and proactive approach ensures you are prepared for today’s challenges and future changes. Working with ScottMadden means that you have a partner to help you successfully navigate today’s regulatory environment.

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