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At ScottMadden, we offer robust assessment services that can be used to evaluate your organization across multiple dimensions. As part of our methodology, we utilize a number of components—site visits and interviews, work activity assessments, performance metric assessments, customer satisfaction surveys, and leading practice adoption analyses. Various components of the assessment can be customized to best suit your needs and the availability of data.

You will receive our assessment findings—which cover business process, strategy, staffing, technology, and more—and improvement recommendations, as well as an implementation plan that includes actionable steps for achieving your improvements. Our recommendations and plan are grounded in reality and geared to help your organization become more operationally efficient. We leverage our vast experience in implementing improvements to ensure that yours are achievable and tailored to your business and priority needs.

We will provide you with detailed output, and you will gain valuable insight into your operations, your people, your customers, your costs, and more. ScottMadden can help you from assessment and beyond—all to help you better your business.

Business Assessment Types

As a long-time provider of Corporate & Shared Services, ScottMadden has over three decades of experience in helping business leaders assess, and then improve, their organizations. Our business assessments include:

Project Management Assessments

We know that understanding your project management capabilities is a crucial first step to improving them. Our project management assessments are built on the foundation of the Project Management Institute standards, and made more robust with our extensive expertise.

Work Activity Assessments

ScottMadden recommends starting with a work activity assessment before changing your delivery model and staffing levels. These assessments help locate shadow organizations, potential compliance issues, overlapping work, as well as administrative work that is not centralized and more.

Location Assessment and Determination

Selecting a location for your business services organization can be difficult. ScottMadden helps cut through the bottlenecks and red tape, utilizing a structured approach for location assessment and determination. We support you in finding the right decision to your desired efficiencies, foster future growth and ensure business continuity.


Corporate & Shared Services

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