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Environmental, Health, and Safety Organizational Assessment and Optimization

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Employee Interviews

Conducted interviews with more than 20 EH&S employees

Benchmarking Assessments

Performed benchmarking assessment to compare EH&S structure and operations to industry peers

Organizational Structure

Designed new organizational structure to address current state issues


A large investor-owned utility was interested in conducting a current state assessment to assess its organization and practices against other companies, provide an understanding of what EH&S activities are performed in which organizations within the company, and identify overlaps of EH&S functions with other organizations. In addition, the utility desired recommendations to address the key findings, options for potential reorganization of the EH&S organization, and the identification of key areas of focus for future departmental initiatives. 


  • Administered a work activity assessment, through which EH&S employees allocated their time to individual work activities to provide a view into the current state of EH&S activities, resources, and costs of service
  • Collected and analyzed data provided such as available metrics, communication channels, customers, budget, and job descriptions 
  • Conducted interviews with more than 20 EH&S employees and internal customers to understand operations, identify strengths and challenges, and highlight areas for further investigation 
  • Interviewed peer utilities through a qualitative benchmarking assessment to understand the structure of their EH&S organizations, what services they provide, and how they manage data and reporting
  • Developed and proposed various new organizational structures to better align with peer approaches to EH&S and address current state findings 
  • Conducted workshops with leaders at varying levels in the organization to test the viability of recommendations
  • Developed a high-level implementation plan for recommendations 


  • Provided recommendations to address key findings, increase organizational efficiency, and enable EH&S to strategically increase service(s), while remaining cost neutral
  • Designed a new functional organizational structure to better align with peer organizations and address key current state findings 
  • Developed a high-level roadmap for implementing the recommendations and proposed organizational structure

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