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Karen Hilton


Karen Hilton has more than 20 years of consulting experience with ScottMadden and has focused on shared services design and implementation, process improvement, benchmarking, organizational design and restructuring, internal customer satisfaction surveys, and cost-reduction analysis in both shared services and energy. Within shared services, she has expertise in HR and service center design and implementation. Karen rejoined ScottMadden after earning an M.B.A. at the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School. Prior to business school, Karen worked as a research associate and senior research associate for ScottMadden. Karen earned a B.S. with a minor in Spanish from the Wayne Calloway Undergraduate School of Business at Wake Forest.

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Recent Assignments

  • Assessed the maturity and performance of an HR shared services organization for a large healthcare system by comparing current practices and performance to industry benchmarks and leading practices for shared services. Evaluated the organization’s use of customer care technologies. Identified areas for improvement to their shared services delivery model and recommended an ongoing set of performance
  • Conducted an assessment of a multifunction shared services organization to determine the health and maturity of its operations. Interviews, workshops, and a data review were used to gather information, assess maturity, identify high level improvement opportunities, and develop a roadmap for these opportunities
  • Designed and executed a survey of executives for a large national utility to gain feedback on finance business partnership and collaboration. The survey was aligned with business plan objectives and used to set a baseline for measuring performance against the plan going forward
  • Conducted a detailed work activity survey for a global power leader’s intercompany transfer process. The study captured current process differences across entities and regions. Designed, configured, deployed, and analyzed the survey based on the targeted process scope and participants, including corporate finance, finance shared services, entity finance, and other organizations
  • Designed and conducted a baseline survey for the HR organization of a large operator of healthcare facilities prior to the company’s implementation of a shared services model. The analysis examined differences in satisfaction among business areas and across HR functions and will serve as a basis for comparison going forward
  • Conducted a comprehensive customer satisfaction assessment across multiple years for a large, multifunction shared services organization. Approach included surveys targeting specific customer groups across five functional areas and focus groups to collect in-depth feedback on certain services
  • Designed and facilitated a detailed work activity survey for the business operations functions at a large southeastern university in preparation for their transition to a shared services model. The survey captured staff and faculty time associated with finance and budgeting, HR, and contracts and grants activities and was used to assess workloads and staffing needs for the new model


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