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Energy Storage Companies Diversify by Incorporating Energy Storage Management Systems into Offerings

As energy storage deployments continue to increase, a number of storage companies, including Sonnen, Advanced Microgrid, and SolarCity, have announced expanded service offerings, pairing their batteries with energy storage management systems.

Key Details

  • Notable energy storage announcements include:
    • Energy storage firm Sonnen recently announced a partnership with Enbala Power Networks to utilize its distributed energy aggregation and control platform in combination with Sonnen’s suite of battery storage systems
    • Advanced Microgrid Solutions and Opus One Solutions also recently announced a partnership to develop grid-level energy management software, combining the firms’ experiences in energy storage and smart grid software solutions
    • SolarCity recently announced a similar software platform designed to allow utilities to pair solar arrays with energy storage and manage them as dispatchable, distributed energy resources
  • Pairing storage with energy storage management systems will help customers maximize the value of storage and optimize their energy strategies while contributing to a stronger, more resilient grid
  • Energy storage management systems will offer utilities the ability to use energy storage to better manage distributed energy resources as well as balance distributed renewables and traditional generation on the grid


In order to be viable in broader markets, the business case for energy storage must be enhanced by “stacking” more value on top of just energy services. The move into energy storage management systems is one way to increase the overall value of the battery storage.

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