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Employee Spotlight: ScottMadden Veterans

ScottMadden Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day, our ScottMadden family would like to thank our American veterans for their dedication and service to our country. Our firm is privileged to work with 10 veterans from four U.S. military branches. Each of our veteran employees brings undeniable perspective, discipline, and integrity into our consulting practice. From their time in service, they understand the dynamics of leadership and teamwork and demonstrate accountability and efficiency in all that they do.

When asked which skill or trait learned during their time in service they found most applicable to their work with ScottMadden, our veterans shared the following:

“The Army taught me how to adapt to everchanging conditions. The ability to quickly adjust my approach and execution of project work when necessary has proven highly beneficial as a consultant.” – Rob Smith, U.S. Army

“The importance of preparation. TV and movies make it seem like pilots just show up and fly. In reality, every mission is reviewed in detail long before we get in the aircraft. ScottMadden operates the same way.” – Jim House, U.S. Navy

“While serving in the Navy, my decisions often had life-and-death implications. The time I spent in the military now allows me to recognize what is truly important to my client and to lend advice accordingly.” – Kevin Hernandez, U.S. Navy

ScottMadden was established to provide high-quality, objective advice and support to help our clients solve their most difficult problems. As a firm, we are accountable to our clients and to each other, and we convey a genuine focus on service founded on mutual respect and trust. Our success is the direct result of our people, and our veterans help us to achieve this mission.

Learn more about two of our veterans in previous editions of the Employee Spotlight: David Mendez, an Army veteran passionate about travel and history, and Sri Krishnan, an F-15E Air Force pilot and instructor, who is actively serving through the Air Force Reserve today.

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