Stuart Pearman

Partner and Energy Practice Leader

Stuart Pearman is a partner with ScottMadden and leads the firm’s energy practice. As a management consultant for 21 years and a partner for 15, he has performed more than 190 projects for more than 60 clients. Stuart has expertise in energy utilities, related businesses, and several other industries. He is also a seasoned practitioner, with experience in both line and staff management roles. Stuart earned a B.A. in psychology from Williams College and an M.B.A. from the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School, where he won the Best Industry Analysis Award and graduated at the top of his class. In addition to his full-time work at ScottMadden, Stuart is Professor of the Practice at Kenan-Flagler, teaching consulting and leadership.

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Recent Assignments

  • Developed enterprise strategy for a utility holding company with multiple operating companies across multiple states. Developed scenarios to test the plan. Stock increased in value by 50% in four years
  • Assisted the largest public power agency in the United States with strategy development. Developed an innovative strategy to improve long-range supply, reduce significant financial risks, and improve customer loyalty. Presented multiple times to the board of directors. Strategy is being implemented successfully
  • Developed a strategic plan for a midsized gas delivery company, focusing on both growth and core business. Client posted six years of record earnings and made an acquisition that was sold for twice the purchase price
  • Organized and supported the execution of a multi-year initiative to standardize the policies, processes, and procedures across the enterprise for a vertically integrated utility of 7,000 employees
  • Developed continuous improvement function at a very large hybrid utility. Designed opportunity assessment method to assess the work, the resources consumed, and the improvement opportunities. Designed Lean-based process improvement method and toolkit. Pilot identified $20 million in sustained annual savings
  • Reorganized a leading gas LDC, wholesale, and retail company from top to bottom. New organization was aligned with growth strategy, shared services initiatives, and span and layer guidelines
  • Developed and implemented enterprise tiered metrics and business planning for every function and business unit of a medium-sized electric utility
  • Developed the playbook for one of the 10 largest nuclear fleets in the United States to create organizational clarity and alignment and standardize the fleet on best practices. Expert outside observers, such as the NSRB and INPO, have recognized this organization for their significant improvements due to this work
  • Integrated the fossil fleets of two very large, deregulated fleets combined as a result of one of the most important mergers of the decade. Method was benchmarked internally and identified as a best practice
  • Developed shared services organizational and operating model for IT, HR, supply chain, finance and accounting, environmental, legal, communications, regulatory, and other functions
  • Developed operating model and new organization for finance and accounting for a medium-sized utility. Centralized and standardized business planning, budgeting, performance monitoring, and decision support
  • Organized product pipeline to grow commercial business of leading U.S. nonprofit research institute. Assessed a technology to manage radiation exposure after a nuclear incident and created a plan to commercialize it in the United States and Canada. Product is generating millions of dollars in revenue
  • Developed a strategic plan for a leading green electric retailer to grow their business by entering new markets and expanding their renewable profile
  • Developed the accountability model for the transmission and distribution business unit of a midsize, vertically integrated utility. Defined accountability framework for nine major functions and 50 sub-functions


  • “Distributed Generation: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.” EUCI. August 2014
  • “Energy Industry Strategic Issues.” TVA Board of Directors. June 2013
  • “Strategic Issues and Megatrends.” EEI Board of Directors Meeting (50 CEOs). January 2011

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