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IT Assessment

Maximizing IT Potential Through Strategic Assessment 

In today’s digital landscape, effective IT support is not just about maintaining systems—it’s about enabling business performance, innovation, and growth. ScottMadden provides comprehensive IT assessments, delivering critical insights that empower executives to align their IT organization with their strategic vision. 


The Value of IT Assessments 

  • IT Capability Review: Provides you with a comprehensive evaluation of your IT support capabilities 
  • Strategic Baseline: Establishes a baseline to understand what is working well and where to focus your efforts 
  • Objective Analysis: Pinpoints areas of focus and strategic development as you prepare for significant new efforts or emerging needs 


ScottMadden’s IT Excellence Framework 

  • Performance Assessment: In-depth performance and alignment assessments to identify strengths and improvement areas 
  • Model Design: Design of target operating models adapted to business needs 
  • Road Map Development: Development of transformation roadmaps to guide IT evolution 
  • Transformation Facilitation: Establishment of IT transformation offices for sustained change management 


With a focus on detailed analysis and actionable insights, ScottMadden ensures that IT is not only a backend function but also a front-runner in driving business excellence and innovation. 

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