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Digital Strategy Delivery

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Technology Portfolios

Instrumented technology portfolios across a series of availability, responsiveness, risk, and other technical measures

Outcome-Based Measures

Derived portfolio business outcome-based measures used to clarify business performance expectations and measure technology investment performance

Tradeoff Decision-Making

Drove tradeoff decision-making using these technical and business measures to ensure work both drove business performance and mitigated technology risks


An energy client needed to improve its IT team’s capabilities to address the complex challenges facing the electric system in their region. These improvements targeted the organization’s digital planning, designing, and delivery practices. Desired changes required them to re-examine their digital teams, their roles, how they interact with each other, and how they manage performance.


  • Assessed the current IT operations, architecture, and engineering functions to establish a baseline operating model
  • Evaluated alignment with the desired digital planning and overall strategic planning process
  • Defined a planning process that considered long-term needs, near-term improvements, and technology risks
  • Defined the product management, engineering, and architecture roles and responsibilities necessary to support the process
  • Developed the supporting product-based outcome metrics and product risk indicators to support plan decision-making and the corresponding product performance management and oversight


  • Designed a target operating model allowing cross-functional teams to execute, monitor, and ensure the achievement of strategic objectives
  • Aligned and informed internal teams on their changing roles and responsibilities
  • Instrumented their portfolios in a way that allows them to use data to make decisions about long-term and near-term needs, technical debt, digital strategies, etc.

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