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Public-Private Partnerships

The Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Opportunity

The United States stands on the cusp of a substantial investment in transportation and energy infrastructure, unprecedented since Roosevelt’s New Deal. As part of the evolving federal energy policy, the federal government is proposing strategic investments in clean technology development, the electricity transmission grid, carbon capture and storage technology, and significant upgrading and development of transportation infrastructure.

The scope of these investment needs points toward an expansion of the use of public-private partnerships (PPPs). PPPs are contractual agreements between a public agency and a private sector entity that allow for greater private sector participation in the delivery and financing of projects. These projects typically involve a large capital investment with a long payback timeframe, requiring some degree of public funding (or credit support) to make the project attractive for a private investor.

ScottMadden can help governments and private enterprises come together to plan, negotiate, and execute mutually-beneficial PPP projects that provide valuable public services, leveraging the efficiencies and cost savings inherent in these deal structures. We are trusted advisors to many government agencies and utilities, with extensive work experience in the energy industry, shared services, sustainability, and outsourcing.

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