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Many articles and papers have been written about the benefits and value of analytics. Over the last several years, leaders have realized the impact effective analytics can have on their organizations. As these leaders attest, the benefits are indeed real. However, the process to achieve effective and comprehensive predictive analytics capabilities is a journey. And, as with any journey, the best way to understand where you would like to go is by first knowing where you are.

The process for developing the leading-edge analytics capability typically involves four key stages of maturity, described in detail in the ScottMadden Analytics Maturity Model shown in the attached document. Each stage has defined characteristics and organizational behaviors that highlight where an organization is in its journey. Each stage provides a foundation for the next (i.e., it is hard to skip a stage in the evolution of analytics capabilities in your organization). This model can provide your organization a road map to enhance your current analytics capabilities.

This is the second in a series of ScottMadden insights on shared services and business analytics.

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