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Thanks to an evolving landscape of technology, our world has never been more connected. The use of complex systems to manage our infrastructure and share tremendous amounts of data has improved operations and customer response times. However, despite the benefits of these technologies, it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the real and growing danger of cyber attacks they bring. Vulnerabilities in your IT and OT systems can expose your operations and customers to significant risks. As a member of the power generation community, you have a special responsibility to secure your infrastructure by implementing controls to both prevent cyber attacks and mitigate their impact.

As the potential for damaging, coordinated attacks against the energy industry continues to increase, enhancing your cybersecurity programs should be a top strategic priority for your business.

This report, the first in a four-part series focused on strategic priorities for public power, examines the impact of cybersecurity on public power and the building blocks needed to build an effective cybersecurity strategy.

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