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Business Analytics – How to Bridge the Gap Between Knowledge and Results

November 7, 2012

Business Analytics Has Value – So What Is Holding Us Back?

ScottMadden believes that business analytics is here to stay. Organizations have come to realize that tools exist to make fact-based decisions with less reliance on “gut” instincts. Predictive analytic techniques combined with real-time data updates enable dynamic decision-making, and companies have accepted that this has real value. However, inherent struggles remain from bridging the gap between where most organizations are today to the efficient world of tomorrow where such business analytics are in place. Organizations have bought into the concept, but many are still unsure how to “make it happen” for them.

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The Next Wave in Finance & Accounting Shared Services – Establishing Centers of Expertise

August 31, 2012

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Finance and Accounting Centers of Expertise, But Did Not Know to Ask

As finance and accounting shared services operations continue to mature, companies are increasingly attempting to add more value by “moving up the value chain.” While there are various ways to expand shared services, one of the common philosophies is to implement Centers of Expertise. But what is a Finance and Accounting Center of Expertise? What makes it different? Who should lead it?

This article offers ScottMadden’s perspective and attempts to answer “everything you always wanted to know about Finance and Accounting Centers of Expertise, but did not know to ask.”

Three Steps for Strategy-Driven Talent Management

June 28, 2012

A Guide for Managing Talent in Shared Services Organizations

Talent management has become a critical topic for shared services leaders as they face the challenge of attracting and retaining the best and brightest talent for their shared services organizations (SSOs), while managing costs and performance levels in a hypercompetitive environment.

To address this topic and learn about industry best practices for talent management, ScottMadden designed a study focused on talent management for SSOs. This study was the first cycle of a multi-year study of industry-specific trends in talent management.

Change Management

February 21, 2012

ScottMadden believes that change management is most effective when embedded within a project and least effective when it is stand-alone or “bolt-on.” Too many organizations allow for significant segregation between project management’s executional focus and the activities of a change team. A key point of our success is the ability of our team to integrate change management within transformational projects. In this article, we focus on effective change techniques and processes and provide an overview of ScottMadden’s extensive change management tool kit, including ScottMadden’s change model.

Traits of Successful Shared Services Leaders

July 27, 2011

Planning, Persistence, Performance, and Patience: The “4 Ps” of Shared Services Leadership

The breadth of opportunity for shared services organizations has continued to evolve but only some have been able to take advantage. Effective leadership is separating organizations that constantly extend their footprint and advance their corporate position from those that remain restricted to a limited set of transactional services. In this article ScottMadden takes a look at skills exercised by leaders of top achieving shared services organizations – those constantly pushing the envelope of growth and corporate value.

Business Process Improvement for LDCs

October 12, 2009

Many LDCs operate with a traditional utility mindset, and often have culture and investments steeped in the legacy of a 100+ year old company, making it difficult to address challenges of attrition, volatile commodity prices, uncertain demand, shrinking margins, and continued competition from electric. Several leading LDCs have used a proven Business Process Improvement (BPI) method to review and improve their core business. In doing so, they have improved operating income per employee, ingrained a culture of continuous improvement, and created real, positive change in how employees do their jobs.

Generator Operational Readiness

July 24, 2009

How do you ensure that when it is time for commercial operations of your new power plant, you operate commercially? Leading firms use an Operational Readiness Assessment (ORA) process. Getting this right can save millions of dollars by avoiding replacement power costs and ensuring warranty claims are effective. ORA is the investment to protect the investment.

Emerging Regional Electricity Market Issues

April 30, 2009

Wholesale energy markets in the United States that are managed by Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) face a number of challenges. These challenges are being driven by current economic pressures coupled with emergent public policy, including federal legislative and regulatory initiatives. In the white paper, “Emerging Regional Electricity Market Issues,” ScottMadden will describe the broad level of responsibilities that RTO market administrators must exercise on a daily basis and examine the following challenges that they will likely encounter over the next several years:

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Public-Private Partnerships

April 15, 2009

The Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Opportunity

The United States stands on the cusp of a substantial investment in transportation and energy infrastructure, unprecedented since Roosevelt’s New Deal. As part of the evolving federal energy policy, the federal government is proposing strategic investments in clean technology development, the electricity transmission grid, carbon capture and storage technology, and significant upgrading and development of transportation infrastructure.

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IT Organization Assessment

March 19, 2009

The impact of information technology (IT) on today’s businesses is greater than ever before. Companies are facing higher IT costs, managing complex technology and processes, and increasingly monitoring compliance and regulatory requirements. Fundamental to improving the value of information technology is to migrate IT from a traditional cost center to an organization that enables its internal customers to efficiently and effectively serve their external customers. If you’re not running your IT organization as business, an assessment of current state is in order to compare existing processes, cost and overall organization wellness to the leading practices in the industry.

You Play Like You Practice (Best Practices for Energy Generation)

September 1, 2006

In this article, featured by World Generation, we offer key best practices for energy generation-related system operations. Assessing operations now for best practices will help ensure that the lights stay on without breaking the bank. Read more to find out.

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