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Utilities are under constant pressure to deliver projects on time and within budget. Unfortunately, too often, projects don’t meet these objectives due to a lack of project management experts. Projects left unchecked can rapidly evolve beyond the initial scope, timeline, and budget, causing significant delays and cost overruns.

Project management experts with experience can help utilities develop and implement methods to control the evolution of a project and anticipate criticalities before they develop into significant problems. By working with project management consulting firms, utilities can learn how to use tools that measure performance and mitigate risks while respecting delivery timelines.

Simply put, a solid methodology to manage projects provides the processes, guidelines, and techniques necessary to increase a project’s odds of being successful. With that in mind, it is easy to see how project monitoring and management could add value to your organization.

ScottMadden is a Leading Project Management Consulting Firm

ScottMadden has over 35 years of experience in program and project management consulting. Our expert consultants have helped many utilities develop and implement the controls necessary to deliver on a range of large, complex projects. Our activities include applying best practices and a standard methodology to measure performance, mitigate risks, meet delivery timelines, communicate success, and more.

Clients also rely on us to build the implementation or improvement plan based on our thoroughness and ability to ensure the integration of key project components. Our deep project monitoring and management experience allows us to tailor programs to clients’ needs, culture, risk tolerance, and time horizons. We leverage these plans to ensure integration among project team members, outside vendors, and other competing initiatives.

In today’s business environment, managing projects successfully is essential for any corporation that wants to stay competitive. With the help of our project management experts, utilities can take control of their projects and ensure successful delivery.

Project Management Services

ScottMadden has helped many companies improve their project and program management capabilities. Whether enterprise-wide or a select department, we can help you in all areas.

Clear Governance of Project Selection and Oversight

  • Capital and Business Planning Leading Practice Assessment
  • Governance Structure and Organizational Design
  • Project Prioritization and Selection Methodology
  • Development and Implementation of Policies, Processes, and Procedures
  • Implementation Support for Selected Future State Organizational Design

Standardized Project Management Process and Controls

  • Project Management Leading Practice Assessment
  • Development and Implementation of Policies, Processes, and Procedures
  • Development of Project Management Tools and Controls
  • Development and Implementation of Project Management Stage Gates
  • Implementation Support for Selected Assessment Recommendations
  • Change Management and Training Support (e.g., training sessions, training guides, workshops, and more)

Project Management System and Automatic Reporting

  • System Evaluation and Selection Support
  • System Configuration and Process Workflow Automation
  • Project Reporting and Data Analytics in Microsoft Power BI
  • Change Management and System Training Support (e.g., training sessions, training guides, workshops, and more)

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