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The energy landscape is rapidly changing. With these changes, utilities are facing new risks and new economic, regulatory, and market dynamics. It is critical that your company reacts to these dynamics and strategically positions itself to face a number of external forces such as a constantly evolving regulatory environment, shifts in generation fleet composition, and fundamental changes in the way the electric grid is designed and operated. ScottMadden’s experienced team has extensive knowledge of the issues facing energy companies today and can help you produce practical results to position your company for long-term success.

Our proven benchmarking methods can help improve all functions of the utility enterprise, including generation, transmission, distribution, and support services. We can assess performance, identify gaps, and target high-potential areas to improve business. When gaps exist in publicly available data, ScottMadden has also developed extensive expertise in designing, administering, and analyzing customized surveys and peer-to-peer benchmarking studies to fill those gaps. We understand that each organization, each business unit, and each asset is unique, and we know how to identify, quantify, and normalize for the factors that matter in order to achieve meaningful comparisons.

We can help you leverage benchmarking to establish a firm foundation for setting targets and developing initiatives so you can achieve and sustain top-tier performance.



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