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As a business leader, you face increasing challenges and pressures to improve operational efficiency, and payroll is often one area of opportunity. Today’s employees expect the payroll function to execute flawlessly. Executive leaders want the payroll function to reduce costs, improve and accelerate decision making, and comply with required and recommended controls. Satisfying these objectives requires a holistic and integrated approach to managing the complex payroll process.

At ScottMadden, we’ve seen our clients face challenges at every part of the payroll process. The most common challenges include:

  • Uncertain governance and compliance issues across the end-to-end process
  • Outdated or poorly integrated payroll systems
  • Lack of clarity on process handoffs between supporting organizations
  • Complex pay rules by employee type and/or location
  • Subpar performance from third-party vendor agreements
  • Manual, inefficient approval or validation processes
  • Lack of customer experience focus in providing support services

You can meet these challenges head on by getting a clear picture of your payroll process and identifying key drivers causing your biggest issues.

Assessing Your Payroll Process

ScottMadden’s payroll assessment compares your organization’s payroll activities against leading practices, identifies and prioritizes opportunities for improvement, and quantifies potential savings. The result is a clear path to improving payroll issues and reducing operating costs.

ScottMadden leverages a proprietary, leading-practices database built from decades of practical experience and current research. A typical ScottMadden Payroll Assessment lasts four to six weeks.

Payroll Consulting Services

ScottMadden has deep payroll knowledge and experience, having assisted Fortune 500 companies from various industries, domestically and internationally, in both traditional corporate and shared services environments. Payroll management services have been the single focus of many engagements, and other times, payroll is part of a broader human capital or finance initiative for our clients. In either case, we take into account the end-to-end, holistic view to help our clients improve their payroll operations and achieve quantifiable results.

  • Payroll Operations Assessment
  • Payroll Delivery Strategy and Operating Model Design
  • Payroll Process Improvement and Operating Model Implementation
  • Payroll Technology Implementation and Optimization
  • Payroll Governance and Vendor Management

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