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Energy Markets

Energy markets in the United States continue to evolve, creating opportunity, risk, and complexity. Active market participation can benefit companies by reducing costs and risks and optimizing earnings. However, they must have a thorough understanding of regulated markets that deal specifically with the trade and supply of energy, rules and tariffs, hedging strategies, and portfolio management capabilities .

The Energy Markets are Complex

Energy development results from an energy policy that encourages the development and evolution of the energy industry competitively. Participation in such organized markets requires knowledge and experience in deciphering current market tariffs and complex business practices: for example, navigating the sometimes confusing application process or compiling other required data for resource adequacy, load forecasts, and other market-related essential information.

ScottMadden Can Optimize your Participation in the Energy Markets

Our consultants can help you optimize the benefits of participating in the energy market. Through our experience in energy market structures and market participant operations, organization structure, and process constructs, we can help you develop or update your strategy now to take advantage of potential opportunities.



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