Cybersecurity Threats in the Energy Industry

July 18, 2016

Video Series: Cybersecurity

What are the top cybersecurity threats faced by the Energy industry? What efforts are in place by the government to help the Energy industry face these threats? What might surprise executives about cybersecurity? Find out in the following video series, led by Jon Kerner, partner at ScottMadden.

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The Energy Industry Update Webcast – Neither Fish Nor Fowl

May 2, 2016


To coincide with the release of the latest Energy Industry Update, ScottMadden joined forces with Energy Central to present an interactive webinar, “ScottMadden’s Energy Industry Update – Neither Fish nor Fowl.” During this session, our industry experts shared their views and fielded questions related to the energy transitions in Texas and Hawaii and cybersecurity information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT).

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People Analytics and Human Capital Management: Employee Productivity and Beyond

November 12, 2015

HR needs to position themselves to add value to the business by thinking strategically about talent and to show they understand the business’s strategy and needs. This need has driven certain HR trends, with one of them being People Analytics.

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Strange Brew: Adapting to Changing Fundamentals

September 25, 2015

ScottMadden’s Fall 2015 Energy Industry Update Webinar

ScottMadden recently joined forces with Energy Central to present an interactive webinar, “ScottMadden’s Fall 2015 Energy Industry Update – Strange Brew: Adapting to Changing Fundamentals.” This session, moderated by Stuart Pearman, partner and energy practice leader at ScottMadden, was based on ScottMadden’s latest Energy Industry Update, a semi-annual publication featuring our view of recent significant events and emerging trends, received by more than 10,000 industry leaders.

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Aligning Business Drivers Between Finance and Procurement

July 21, 2015

Making an End-to-End Procure-to-Pay a Reality

For most companies the procure-to-pay or P2P process has evolved to where upstream processes (the world of sourcing and purchasing) and downstream processes (the world of accounts payable) are managed by different organizations and are largely disconnected at key integration points. These disconnects drive rework, inefficiency, frustration, and overall higher costs to serve.

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Proactively Plan and Shape Your Global Business Service: A Complex, But Rewarding Journey

June 22, 2015

More than 50 percent of companies have evolved to some form of Global Business Services (GBS) to improve and standardize delivery of support services, leverage infrastructure to scale quickly, and realize savings opportunities. GBS often yields 5 to 20 percent more cost savings than those achieved from traditional shared services.

There are many factors that contribute to the path you take on a GBS journey and the degree of benefit you will achieve. Learn about the differences between traditional shared services operations and GBS, success factors, and common challenges with this informative video. In it, Brad DeMent, partner and finance and accounting practice leader at ScottMadden, explores what you should consider and what you can expect from GBS.

Overcoming the Largest HR Hurdle: Successfully Designing and Implementing Efficient HR Processes and Delivery Systems

April 16, 2015

Taking your organization through an HR transformation can be a challenging journey with complex stages ranging from strategy definition to change management and stabilization. In this video, we share insights about overcoming many of the HR transformation hurdles that we have gained from 15 years of experience across many aspects of the HR transformation process.

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Join the ScottMadden Team

August 12, 2014

What’s it really like to work at ScottMadden? The video below highlights the culture and work at ScottMadden–collaborating with outstanding people with unique talents and experience.

Interested in joining the team? Learn more about career opportunities on our Careers page.

To hear from some of our own people, watch the video below.

Brad Kitchens

ScottMadden Launches Corporate Rebranding

September 10, 2013

In celebration of our 30th anniversary, we have rebranded and launched a new logo, tagline, and redesigned website. These changes are part of our deliberate strategy to emphasize our commitment to “getting it done right.” Although we have undergone a transformation, our mission and commitment to our clients remain unchanged—to deliver actionable and sustainable results in Energy, Corporate & Shared Services, and Clean Tech & Sustainability.

This video, featuring Brad Kitchens, president and CEO of ScottMadden, highlights our unique ability to “get it done right.”

Welcome to ScottMadden!

Sussex Economic Advisors is now part of ScottMadden. We invite you to learn more about our expanded firm. Please use the Contact Us form to request additional information.