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Protected: Training the Workforce: Improving Skillsets and Performance While Saving Real Dollars

April 16, 2020

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ScottMadden’s SSO Accelerator – Taking SSO to the Next Level

January 7, 2020

Take your Shared Services Organization (SSO) to the next level with ScottMadden’s SSO Accelerator, a unique set of tools and guidance. SSO Accelerator is a program developed by ScottMadden to evaluate existing SSOs or those that are planning to launch shared services delivery models. We can compare those companies to leading practices and help them get from good to great.

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The Electricity Business of the Future

December 30, 2019

At the 2019 Duke University Energy Conference, ScottMadden joined a panel of leading industry experts to discuss the future of the electricity business. This annual student-led conference focuses on bringing together thought leaders in the industry, government, and academia to fuel independent analysis on energy markets, trends, policies, and technologies.

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The Energy Industry Update Webcast: Everything Counts … In Large Amounts

November 18, 2019


To coincide with the release of the latest Energy Industry Update, ScottMadden joined forces with Energy Central to present an interactive webinar, “ScottMadden’s Energy Industry Update: Everything Counts … In Large Amounts.” During this session, our industry experts shared their views and fielded questions related to the potential loss of carbon-free generation and its implications, the growing belly of the duck curve, and opportunities for the Western Energy Imbalance Market.

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ScottMadden’s HR Competency Builder

August 21, 2019

Assess and Develop Your HR Talent to Become a True Business Partner

Your executives are expecting HR to play a broader, more strategic role than in the past. Even if you have changed your model to meet these demands, it is important that you also align employees with their new roles and position them for success in the shared services organization. Skills and competencies are a common gap and a key driver of success.

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The Things You Always Wanted to Know, but Were too Afraid to Ask, about Energy Storage

September 27, 2018

As energy storage, especially battery storage, continues to see market gains, adoption of the technology is growing. But what are the complexities of introducing battery storage into the marketplace? Why is pricing energy storage so challenging and what effect does it have on energy storage procurement? How do energy storage ownership models impact adoption? Is benefit stacking really necessary for energy storage to be cost effective? This video seeks to address these questions and more.

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Government Efforts to Reduce Cybersecurity Threats for the Energy Industry

September 21, 2018

ScottMadden examines efforts in place by the government to help the Energy Industry face Cybersecurity Threats.

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How ScottMadden Helps Energy Clients with Cybersecurity

September 21, 2018

ScottMadden helps companies establish a strategic direction for their cybersecurity programs, implement programs, and sustain and continuously improve program performance based on key program performance indicators. This approach targets your most important enterprise risks and builds confidence in the ability of your cybersecurity program to protect your most important assets.

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Cybersecurity Surprises for Energy Executives

September 21, 2018

ScottMadden reveals what might surprise some Energy executives about Cybersecurity.

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Navigating Shared Services with ScottMadden

June 28, 2018

If you are about to lead your company into the world of shared services, or if you have already embarked on that journey, you’ve probably discovered that it is more than just a three-hour tour. Incorporating shared services into your company means more than just changing a few things. It means consolidating support functions to better serve the corporation. It means reimagining certain services not as a group or a department but as a business within a business. And it means creating a more well-defined infrastructure to enable higher-value delivery of service.

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Robotics Process Automation: Production-Ready Pilot

March 28, 2018

ScottMadden’s RPA Production-Ready Pilot will help you educate stakeholders on the value of RPA, select the right processes to pilot for optimal impact, and design a sustainable operations and governance model to deliver real business value long term. Our experience designing shared services processes, coupled with our understanding of RPA-related processes, puts us in a position to help guide you through your initial RPA pilot, implementation, and on-going improvements. This understanding, combined with our depth of expertise in large-scale implementations, helps us create the best possible result for you.

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Shared Services Data Protection

March 28, 2018

ScottMadden can help you understand and resolve your shared services security issues by improving how you manage and govern cybersecurity. We provide a strategic, outcome-driven approach customized to your organization’s needs. Our experts understand shared services operations, their risks, and the security practices that work best in these environments.

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