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Energy Industry Update Archive

This Archive contains past numbers of The Energy Industry Update Reports. Each report shares news and trends in this constantly changing sector, including power utility companies, oil and gas, renewable energy, and coal. Our Reports provide insights and trends within the scope of this industry to keep you up to date with the most current developments in the Energy Industry so you can make informed decisions moving forward.

The Energy Industry Update – Volume 23, Issue 1

This Energy Industry Update (EIU) examines the state of the utility and energy industry broadly and those areas where we “just can’t get enough” or would certainly like more—such as adequate energy resources to serve load during each hour of the year, or coordination of processes, approaches, and assumptions for planning, or enough financial returns in a rising cost environment.

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The Energy Industry Update – Volume 22, Issue 1

This Energy Industry Update (EIU) examines how the combination of rising post-pandemic energy demand, ambitious decarbonization targets, high commodity prices, and geopolitical events are combining to put pressure on the global energy industry.

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