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Energy markets continue to experience market disruptions and changes driven by technology advancements and evolving public policies.

Energy Market Assessments

Our energy market assessments are a comprehensive, in-depth report examining trends, challenges and key drivers of price and volume variations. These assessments are essential to understanding market participants’ main focus and interactions. The energy market assessment cover all aspects, from production and consumption to trading and pricing. It also includes a detailed analysis of the key drivers of market dynamics, including demand, supply and regulatory factors. The energy market assessment is essential for anyone interested in the energy markets needing critical insights into how they are evolving and what factors are driving price and volume changes.

Expert Energy Management Consulting Services

ScottMadden develops customized analyses to help electric utilities make and implement decisions that consider both client-specific (e.g. corporate strategy and commercial objectives) and external factors (e.g. regulatory policies and national/regional market conditions). Our experience, together with the sophisticated analytical skills brought by our expert consultants, enables us to provide effective, rigorous, and practical market analyses and assessments. Our commitment to detailed research and market analytics provides market analysis provides you with data-supported analysis that supports and informs your decision-making processes.

Our energy market assessment services are broad and deep, including business until growth plans, demand forecasting, regional market assessments, portfolio and infrastructure analysis, and risk management policies and analysis. ScottMadden has supported numerous clients throughout multiple North American markets and regulatory jurisdictions.



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