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Enterprise Cost Reduction

Many organizations are faced with the challenge of reducing costs. In fact, companies are increasingly incorporating cost-reduction initiatives into their strategic priorities. Maintaining operations and service levels while also minimizing the impact on employees can seem daunting. It is important to find the right reduction consulting firm to help your company optimize costs in a sustainable way.

At ScottMadden, we are experienced in helping a wide range of clients reduce costs in a way that is both practical and sustainable. We take a personalized approach to assessing cost-reduction opportunities to determine your underlying drivers and areas of opportunity. This can include studying your organizational structure and staffing levels, examining your processes and operating practices, and assessing your non-labor costs such as vendors and contracts.

When working with ScottMadden, you will receive cost-reduction strategy and recommendations that are individually tailored, practical, and achievable. Additionally, we can help you implement these changes to improve your business’s financial outlook. Above all, our goal is to help your company create sustainable improvements by implementing cost management and continuous improvement practices into your business planning processes. This will ensure that you avoid an ongoing cycle of cost reduction and are well positioned for the future.

Expense Reduction Services

By considering the outcomes of cost-saving methods before implementing them, organizations can better ensure that their strategic direction is not compromised. Furthermore, with an increased understanding of how different aspects work together in tandem, there should be less room for error when it comes to improving quality and productivity through improved processes.

Process Improvement

ScottMadden is a global leader in process design and improvement. We have experience working with many different industries, which allows us to understand what it takes for an effective process implementation across all industries. Our expert team can help identify improvements that will work specifically towards your needs; whether this means developing plans or implementing methodologies like LEAN—or even just supplementing current efforts by providing additional resources (such as training courses).

Performance Management

Performance management involves all members in the organization, as individuals and groups. The team helps ensure alignment with vision and strategy while also providing leadership for decisions to run your business effectively (including reviewing results). We provide diagnostics on financial performance metrics that can be used, such as root causes analysis or defining customer needs through tiered metrics definition. This process ensures goals are aligned accordingly, so there are no limitations when it comes down to time-to-performance monitoring.


Corporate & Shared Services

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