Chris Vlahoplus

Internal Advisor

Chris Vlahoplus serves as internal advisor and liaison for key client relationships and work. He also provides mentorship across the firm and closely supports ScottMadden’s analytics capability. Prior to this role, Chris had been a management consultant to the energy and utility industry for 28 years, serving 20 years as a partner. He led ScottMadden’s clean tech & sustainability practice area for six years, including a role as co-leader of the firm’s nuclear consulting practice. During his tenure, Chris assisted more than 40 companies focusing on electric generation business management, merger integration, strategic and business planning, organizational restructuring, and management models. Prior to joining ScottMadden, Chris worked in nuclear safety at Duke Power Company. He earned a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of South Carolina, an M.S. in nuclear engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an M.B.A. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Recent Assignments

  • Served on a grid modernization advisory panel for large utility
  • Conducted a market assessment of opportunities to leverage an AMI RF mesh network for smart cities
  • Conducted a workload based efficiency improvement effort across four utility operating companies covering Gas, Electric and embedded utility corporate support functions.
  • Evaluated community solar program project economics and alignment with rate design changes to determine market attractiveness for solar developers
  • Supported the development of a business plan focused on entering water market: water rights, water services, and water production
  • Conducted a study of the impact of renewable energy and energy efficiency on utility rates
  • Supported the development of a regional strategy for a nonprofit organization that funds efforts to advance a sustainable energy future
  • Served as market consultant in the review of a DOE loan guarantee for an advanced cellulosic biofuels plant
  • Conducted a benchmarking study of renewable organizations within utility companies
  • Supported the development of a business plan for a wind generation company
  • Piloted a method of quantifying the risk of river water availability for a large baseload generating station
  • Assisted a smart grid investment grant recipient with developing the required project management, EVM reporting and metrics, and benefits plan
  • Supported a nuclear operator in “turnaround” efforts implementing business planning, goal setting, organization restructuring, and management system implementation


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