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HR Shared Services Outsourcing – What the Top Performers Are Doing

March 2, 2018

Outsourcing select processes in HR has continued to be a tool employed by many shared services organizations. Experiencing a CAGR of 6%–7% during 2014 to 2016,[1] the HR outsourcing market has maintained an upward growth trajectory, allowing HR shared services organizations (SSOs) to continue to optimize their delivery models with this strategy.

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Blockchain: An Introduction for Executives

December 6, 2017

The world is growing more decentralized, in large part due to the transformative power of the internet.

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Effective Rate Case Management

November 28, 2017

2017 Fall Accounting Conference – Highlights

ScottMadden presented at the EEI Fall Accounting Conference to share our key highlights related to:

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The Energy Industry Update Webcast – Generation to Generation: An Energy Evolution

November 6, 2017

The Energy Industry Update – Volume 17, Issue 2

October 24, 2017

Generation to Generation: An Energy Evolution

Our energy industry is evolving. It is a time of surprising developments and new ideas. Themed “Generation to Generation: An Energy Evolution,” this Update examines the direction and magnitude of some of the changes and the forces in play.

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Natural Gas LDC Operations Efficiency

October 23, 2017

Large utilities with multiple natural gas local distribution companies (LDCs) are challenged with realizing the true cost benefits of leveraging best practices available across their systems. In the last few decades, the energy sector has seen slow economic and demand growth and, in some cases, declining energy sales, leading many utilities to seek growth through acquisition. Also, as non-fuel costs and infrastructure replacement requirements continue to increase for gas LDCs, the need to identify operational efficiencies persist.

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The Solar Trifecta: A Path to Smart Utility-Scale Solar

October 13, 2017

What can smart solar do for the grid? Higher penetrations of utility-scale solar are coming. Dive into this article to learn more about the potential for solar to provide more than just energy.

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Strategic Workforce Planning: Answering Your Top 5 Questions

October 9, 2017

Recently, Stuart Pearman, partner and energy practice lead at ScottMadden, and Courtney Jackson, partner and human capital management practice lead at ScottMadden, reviewed strategic workforce planning at the EEI Strategic Issues Roundtable event. This presentation addressed the top questions on everyone’s mind: Why? Who? What? Where? How? For a quick recap, please see below.

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Energy Imbalance Market

September 29, 2017

Considerations for Joining CAISO’s Energy Imbalance Market

In this presentation, we will look at the operational considerations for joining the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) across the following categories: marketing and trading, transmission operations, generation, governance, and long-term planning.

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Major Trends in the Large Power Generation Equipment Market

September 28, 2017

At EUCI’s Negotiation and Purchasing Strategies for Gas-Fired Power Generation Equipment Conference, Todd Williams, partner at ScottMadden, discussed major trends in the large power generation equipment market.

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Harvesting the Benefits You Expect from Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Smart Grid

September 21, 2017

Harvesting the benefits you expect from advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and smart grid is not as easy as you might think. AMI is enabling the connected future, but it’s challenging. Download this report to learn how AMI and smart meters are being deployed, the benefits you should be harvesting, and how ScottMadden can help support your journey.

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Seven Steps for Achieving Sustainable Cost Reductions

August 30, 2017

Key Elements for Success

Slow economic and demand growth coupled with increased penetration of distributed energy resources (including energy efficiency) has resulted in declining energy industry sales and revenues. Many companies have witnessed their non-fuel O&M costs increase in the face of rapidly declining generation and sales, creating an unsustainable environment (see charts below). To avoid increasing energy rates and further eroding sales, companies are looking to reduce costs to meet shareholder expectations. This document provides an overview of the steps that you can take to achieve sustainable cost reductions.

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