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Strategic and Business Planning

Top management in corporations relies on strategic planning and business consulting to assess and reassess an organization’s current strategy. Looking at the company’s environment for opportunities and threats and analyzing corporate resources, experts can help identify the strengths and weaknesses of an organization.

Strategic business planning will identify possible scenarios and compare them against long-term corporate objectives. The ultimate goal of a strategic planning effort is to identify the scenario that best meets the objectives set by management and implement it by adjusting the current strategy. The most effective strategic planning will focus on the actions that need to be taken both in the immediate and in the more distant future.

Working with the right business planning consultants can help ensure that the process is carried out effectively. Business planning consultants can provide guidance and expertise at every stage of the process, from identifying opportunities and threats to formulating strategic objectives and detailed action plans. Working with strategic planning consultants gives your company the best chance of developing a successful long-term vision and strategy.

ScottMadden is a Strategic Business Consulting Firm

Strategic business consulting can make a difference. Our strategic planning consultants helped a client double its stock price in six years. Another achieved six new earning records over a decade, eventually realizing earnings in a single quarter that matched its annual earnings target at the beginning of implementation.

Why? At ScottMadden, we believe strategic planning consulting is about creating practical, actionable strategies that employees own and implement, not theoretical, academic strategies that only the consultants can understand. Strategic success is about coherence, buy-in, action, and accountability, not esoteric concepts and complex theories.

Business planning can make a difference, too. We believe in gap-based business planning. This process starts with establishing tiered metrics, setting stretch targets for those metrics based on benchmarks, performing root-driven analysis to identify the causes of gaps, and developing initiatives to close the gaps. As important as this front-end planning process is, the back-end monitoring, control, and accountability ultimately create a successful strategy. We have a structured monitoring, control, and accountability process that allows senior leaders to keep their fingers on the performance pulse and take corrective action when needed.

Our practical and logical approach to strategic business and planning has helped clients achieve and sustain first-quartile and first-decile results. Our strategic planning consultants will do the same for your organization.



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