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Program Design/Implementation

Utilities are under growing pressure to improve their relationship with customers and deliver value for money. Program design and effective program implementation can be key to achieving these goals. By adopting best practice program management techniques, utilities can ensure that their programs are designed to meet requirements and delivered on time and within budget.

Utilities usually have large, complex program portfolios of many projects. Program design consultants can help utilities to develop an efficient program management structure that will enable them to deliver projects successfully. In addition, customer surveys and focus groups can provide valuable insights into customer expectations and if programs align with their needs.

Project management is critical to successful  energy program design and delivery. Experienced project managers can help utilities plan, execute and monitor programs, ensuring timely delivery within budget and to the required standard.

Adopting the right approach in the design phase of a program can bring significant benefits to utilities operating in the energy industry. By delivering programs that meet customer needs and expectations, utilities can improve satisfaction levels and build trust with their customer. In addition, effective program management can help utilities to optimize resources, save costs and improve program delivery rates.

We Can Help You Create Well Designed Programs and Meet Your Objectives

The right design of programs can help a utility to improve customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and bottom-line results. However, designing a successful plan of activities in a program is no easy task. Utility managers must consider a wide range of factors, including the company’s goals, the needs of its customers, and the resources available. ScottMadden has experienced program design consultants who specialize in helping utilities create and implement successful programs. By working with a program design consultant, utilities are sure to work with programs designed for maximum effectiveness.

Effective Implementation Consulting

Comprehensive program design and effective implementation consulting can ensure long-term success. ScottMadden’s team of expert consultants is ready to get you up and running. Our unique combination of experience and skills lets us help clients with many activities to support the design, implementation and management of complex programs. We have extensive experience with both utility and community solar programs.



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