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Organization Design Consulting

It can be said every organization is optimized to achieve the results it gets, which illustrates the importance of organizational structure.

An organization’s structure can enable, or impede, its ability to execute on its strategy, adapt readily to change, and work efficiently and effectively. Business organizations today must be ready to answer questions like: How can we better align accountability with the organizational structure? How can we realign responsibilities to increase performance? How much can we improve productivity while decreasing costs? What business strategies can we use to improve performance?

Over the years, ScottMadden has assisted companies with restructuring existing organizations and helping new organizations launch. We work with clients to define their strategic goals and then guide them through the process of defining the new organization, setting staff sizes, defining positions, and aligning accountabilities. We leverage leading practices and benchmarks, as well as the numerous years of experience within our consulting practice.

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Organization Design Consulting Services

Change Management

Successful change management solutions need planning, experience and an integrated set of initiatives and actions. At ScottMadden, we use our proven implementation planning to drive change management, instead of treating change like it happens in a vacuum. Our comprehensive approach to managing change includes design, planning, execution, and evaluation.

Talent Transformation

ScottMadden’s human capital management team has helped countless organizations to build upon their strengths and eliminate inefficiencies. Our experience gives us an edge when it comes time for your organization’s next big change – whether you’re looking into redesigning processes or creating new ones from scratch. Our proven methods will help assess if current strategies/tools are effective, provide detailed implementation plans tailored exclusively around each client needs and goals, and more.

Talent Management

ScottMadden helps your talent management organization attract and develop the best talent for both current positions as well as future needs. We can provide you with an in-depth analysis of how to improve attraction, development or retention strategies by looking at all aspects from infrastructure programs through strategic planning sessions. We work closely with leadership every step along this journey – starting when it matters most (the first impression!), making sure things are on track year after year.


Our experience and industry expertise allow us to identify opportunities for your corporate or shared services functions. We assess process effectiveness, costs of operation, staffing needs and quality in order to provide you with comprehensive benchmarking against industry leaders so that we can prioritize improvement areas based on need. Most importantly, our insights help inform the direction strategic changes should take when it comes down to making sure everything is running smoothly at all levels with an organization.

Performance Management

We help you make decisions to run your business, provide leadership and review results. Our performance management consulting helps ensure alignment by creating tiered metrics that define root causes of financial performance as well as understand limits so we can set goals appropriately according to the needs within an organization.


Corporate & Shared Services

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