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Microgrids are revolutionizing the electric grid by providing greater reliability and resilience for customers. By allowing users to self-supply their electricity needs, microgrids are improving the overall performance of the grid by meeting demand in real time. In addition, microgrids can be easily connected or disconnected from the larger grid, allowing them to act as both a backup power source and a means of transmitting power more efficiently. Their flexibility and innovative design make microgrids ideal for helping to transform the nation’s energy system into a more sustainable and efficient model. Overall, microgrids have quickly become an essential part of our energy infrastructure, paving the way for a brighter future in clean energy production.

Scottmadden Energy Industry Consulting – Microgrid Experts

At ScottMadden, we are recognized utility consultants and microgrid experts who can help you identify and evaluate the role that microgrids can play in your overall energy portfolio and grid management strategy. With over 35 years of experience working in the energy industry, we understand the complex challenges associated with regulatory compliance, as well as the broader customer needs that must be taken into consideration. Whether you are working to reduce costs or meet aggressive environmental and climate goals, we can help you achieve your objectives through innovative solutions supported by rigorous research and analysis. So if you’re looking for expert consultants for guidance on microgrid strategies that will serve both your business: we can help you meet your regulatory and customer goals.



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