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Distributed Generation

Distributed generation has emerged as one of the most important developments in the energy industry over recent years. Once considered a niche offering, distributed generation is now considered a viable solution that utilities are adopting. Several factors have driven this development. For example, greater environmental awareness, increased regulation, and technological advancements related to renewable energy sources.

The decentralization of power grids, or the emergence of distributed energy resources (DER), is transforming energy markets and will radically change utilities’ business models. New opportunities and challenges exist for network operators who need to plan and implement an efficient and cost-effective transformation.

The Efficiency of Distributed Generation

At the heart of distributed generation are technologies such as solar panels, wind turbines, and fuel cells, which can be installed at distributed points throughout a network. Because these distributed energy resources are located closer to consumers, they offer many advantages compared to traditional centralized power sources. For example, distributed energy resources are often more efficient from an environmental standpoint, as they generate fewer carbon emissions than conventional sources.

Distributed Energy Consulting

Given these advantages, it is no surprise that utilities have begun partnering with expert consultants who understand the changing landscape of the utility industry and the associated emerging technologies. With the guidance and support of experienced experts, utilities can successfully navigate a rapidly evolving landscape, ensuring continued success well into the future. At ScottMadden, we have a long history of working with clients to successfully integrate distributed generation into their operations and meet their business goals. Whether helping them comply with regulatory requirements or addressing their need for reliable power supply, we have the expertise and experience to provide effective solutions for an market industry. So if you are looking for distributed energy consulting services, look no further than ScottMadden – our consultants can help you take advantage of this rapidly growing trend in the world of energy.



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