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Capital Project Planning

The capital project landscape is increasingly difficult to traverse. Project construction and material costs continue to escalate, the environmental and regulatory picture remains unclear, and project schedule compression has become the norm.

Capital Planning and Consulting

Capital projects are long-term and capital-intensive, defined by their large scale and high cost. Consequently, they require a considerable amount of planning. These principles are especially applicable to infrastructure projects, especially in Energy with the creation of new infrastructures (pipelines, refineries, power plants) or the upgrade of existing ones.

A key aspect of Capital Planning is the need to prove the benefits of the investment, which could be, for example, an upgrade to the infrastructure to improve performance, efficiency, or increase capacity. Another need could be the addition of new functionalities or features to reduce cost to the end user.

Such long-term, capital-intensive projects require experienced capital planning consultants with a large-scale vision and expert knowledge of investment planning and risk management.

Corporations Require Capital Project Management Services

Project organizations have  undergone transitions to adapt to today’s difficult economic climate. As a result, utilities and corporations outsource capabilities while fresh talent has become difficult to identify.

ScottMadden Consulting provides capital project management services that can help you in many areas of project planning. With our help, you’ll understand your core capabilities and gaps. In addition, we’ll address your project planning and management infrastructure needs and control your capital projects program. Adopting our leading practices will allow project managers to focus on delivering results.

Our consultants have hand-on corporate experience planning, scheduling, and managing large capital projects. In addition, our experts understand construction activities and maintenance of capital equipment and have experience with craft labor performance and management.

In short, ScottMadden can help you understand, document, standardize on, and execute project control best practices.

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