ScottMadden Sets Carbon Neutral Goal for 2018 Emissions

ScottMadden is pleased to announce our goal to offset all carbon emissions as part of our overall commitment to environmental responsibility. For the third year in a row, ScottMadden’s Carbon Offsets Matching Program will allow employees and the firm to work together to offset carbon emissions related to travel and business operations. Going forward, we aim to fully offset all carbon emissions, beginning with those from the 2018 calendar year.

We recognize that due to the client-centered nature of our business, travel emissions will continue to constitute a large portion of our carbon footprint. As we offset these emissions, we are simultaneously working to reduce overall emissions through employee-led efforts of energy efficiency, waste diversion, and thoughtful travel decisions.

Driving positive change is at the core of ScottMadden’s business, from the work that we do with our clients to the impact that our employees have in their communities. This is just the beginning of our sustainability journey at ScottMadden, and we look forward to sharing our progress and insights as we work toward sustainability across the firm.

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