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Gas Local Distribution Company Peer Analytics


Beta Stage

We are in the beta stage of development of the app. If you are interested in trying the full version of the app as part of the beta testing, please send an email to to indicate your interest.

Beta testers will receive complimentary access to the full version of the app that includes 2019 – 2021 data.  All we ask from you is to provide input on the app and new feature development for our 2022 release that we intend to make available as a subscription service.


Welcome to our Gas LDC Peer Analytics product demo. This version is intended to give you a sense of the product’s functionality. This product is intended to help Gas LDCs:

Leverage as a tool
to understand
need for change

Increase knowledge of comparative strengths, weaknesses, and
year-over-year trends

Enable quick responses to questions from regulators, board members, or senior executives

Ranking Heat Map

Provides a quick way to identify relative strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Ranking Heat Map

Plot Data

Provides detailed analysis on specific metrics.

Graphical Display

  • Quartiles for comparative metrics auto-adjust for selected peer group
  • Right-click to copy graphic for other uses

Tabular Display

  • Sortable and searchable list based on selections
  • Includes specific metric values and company demographics

Product Features

Self-service analytics product paired with a SME consultation

152 U.S.
peer companies

data points

300+ metrics
over three years

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Contributing Authors

Bill Hosken Director
Quentin Watkins Manager

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