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Michelle Jordan

Employee Spotlight

Michelle Jordan joined ScottMadden in 2019 as an executive assistant in the Westborough office. Michelle works closely with partners Andy Flores, and Tim Lyons, providing administrative and project support to ScottMadden’s rates & regulation practice. She also supports the energy markets community of practice (CoP) and is an active member of the rates & regulation CoP. Prior to joining ScottMadden, Michelle held positions in sales and marketing within biotechnology, consulting, and publishing.

On the Move

Born in the United Kingdom, Michelle grew up in a village near Leeds in Yorkshire, England. She and her family spent vacations camping in England, Scotland, and Wales and afternoon tea was a ritual. Both independent and curious, even as a child, Michelle was eager to travel beyond the United Kingdom. While attending Kirklees College in northern England, she studied hospitality management. Through this curriculum, she traveled to Europe on experiential class trips that only further inspired her wanderlust. Following graduation, she returned to mainland Europe, where she worked casually to support her country-to-country travel. Michelle found a great sense of achievement in these travels and in her ability to never fear change or the unknown. She spent significant time in France and Spain prior to hopping even further—across the pond.

Leveraging a family connection, Michelle moved to Washington D.C., where she worked selling printing presses. Just as she did in Europe, Michelle spent as much time as she could traveling. After a year in the United States, she moved back to London, where she began working for an electronic publishing company. This opportunity allowed Michelle to work in subscription sales and complete a trade show circuit, which again kept her on the move. This even carried Michelle to Boston during an exceptionally cold winter; and on days when the office was closed due to snow, she and her co-workers hit the slopes. It was through this experience that Michelle met Tony, and after a three-year international relationship, the two were engaged.

Across the Pond

Following a romantic proposal in Richmond Deer Park in West London, Michelle and Tony spontaneously flipped a coin to determine where they would live—London or Boston. Boston won, and Michelle booked a one-way flight to Massachusetts after her London wedding. She and Tony still live in the Boston area today and have three children—Daniel (20), Thomas (18), and Katherine (14). Michelle maintains her love for travel, but it is now a family affair. She is always planning their next adventure!

When at home in Boston, Michelle enjoys hiking and biking with her family. She is also an avid scrapbooker. These scrapbooks contain baby photos and school photos of her children over the years, serving as great gifts for her family members overseas. She even has a scrapbook dedicated to afternoon tea—a tradition she holds with her daughter! Michelle loves to cook and entertain, often hosting multi-course dinner parties with friends. She is a staunch believer in family dinner and gathers the gang nightly. In the spirit of scrapbooking, she is even planning a cookbook for each child with their favorites. Though her life is more settled than it was in her globe-trotting days, Michelle still holds the advice of her 98-year-old granny closely and strives to live without regret. “It’s not a dress rehearsal, love; this is your life!”

Let’s Work Together

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