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Downsizing: Fairly, Legally, Ethically, and Respectfully

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Scalable Organizational Design

Helped the operator develop an organizational design based on benchmarks of peer operators that was scalable for future workload

Re-Staffing Process

Restaffing process resulted in a fully staffed organization that met all federal and state human resources regulations

Fair, Legal, Ethical, and Respectful

“ScottMadden’s advice and approach were vital toward helping us conduct a restaffing process that was fair, equitable, and respectful for our employees and our company” – Director of Human Resources for the nuclear operator


Facing increasing cost pressure from low natural gas prices, regulatory pressure from federal, state, and local authorities, and long-standing operational performance challenges, a large multi-unit nuclear operator turned to ScottMadden for guidance and assistance to transform its operation into a more cost-effective source of electricity generation. Additionally, the nuclear operator asked ScottMadden to help reduce headcount in a fair, ethical, and respectful manner that complied with all state and federal regulations.


  • Conducted a thorough benchmarking assessment on a function-by-function basis for all resources (internal and contractors)
  • Examined current workload and work drivers compared to that of peer operators and designed new organizational structure and processes to fit the company’s long-term priorities
  • Developed, documented, and received legal approval for the selection process used to staff the new organizational structure, ensuring all employees would be treated fairly, legally, ethically, and respectfully
  • Facilitated the staffing process with human resources, legal, and the leadership team to ensure the process was well documented and conducted as planned
  • Led the change management activities for the effort, developed and executed the communications plan with the communications team, engaged key stakeholders to participate during the staffing process, and developed the content for mass and targeted communications


  • Helped the operator develop an organizational design based on benchmarks of peer operators, adjusted to create an apples-to-apples comparison, and scalable for future workload
  • Utilized a restaffing process that resulted in a fully staffed organization that met all federal and state human resources regulations
  • Assisted the operator in institutionalizing its staffing and selection process for future use

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