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Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Latin America

ScottMadden will soon partner with Eduardo Prada Consulting to sponsor and present at SSON’s 11th Annual Shared Services & Outsourcing Week Latin America event being held August 23–25 in Miami, FL. During this event, ScottMadden and Eduardo Prada Consulting will deliver a workshop session focused on creating the next generation of finance shared services organizations (FSSOs).

Workshop Session

“Guiding Principles to Create the Next Generation FSSO”

Without a comprehensive approach to driving change, even the most untouchable business transformation strategy will fall flat. In the comprehensive workshop, your invited to take a deep-dive into the most pervasive change management challenges business services leaders face when it comes to shared services/outsourcing and how you can best overcome them. Attend and take home proven approaches to:

  • Engage customers from day one. Build a comprehensive strategy for communicating changes with customers as well as develop a compelling brand for your SSO to drive awareness and user adoption
  • Build an evidence-driven case for change. Learn how to “speak the language of the business” to ensure leadership and stakeholders understand your rational for change and position your organization as a key enabler of business growth


Eduardo Prada, Managing Director, Eduardo Prada Consulting

Brad DeMent, Partner, ScottMadden, Inc.

Client Track Session

“Universidad de los Andes – Standardizing the Differences”

Universities are entities, by their very nature, that demand a great deal of autonomy, not only academically, but administratively as well. Academic Units or Faculties – even though they are embedded in the overall Organizational arrangement – also have their own interests, plans, and goals. This Organizational Model sometimes promotes or even demands independence, creating a “silo” in their working environment. This phenomenon makes it more difficult and complex to accomplish organizational growth, given their diversity. The challenge to deal with inter disciplinary growth , and at the same time establishing standard processes that could be replicated throughout the entire University, was one of the major accomplishments of the Shared Service Center at Los Andes University. Financial, Human Resources and Administrative processes have been articulated, and coherence is being observed after many months of hard work. Their focus is an excellent service, not the centralization of the support.

Through this presentation, Universidad de los Andes will share their experience and comment on the challenges, hurdles, and obstacles that had to be overcome to promote standardization in support functions, while allowing more focus to faculties in their own core business and the development of their own strategy.

Andres Garcia, Head of the Shared Service Center, Universidad de los Andes

Teresa Gomez, Financial and Administrative Vice President, Universidad de los Andes

For more information, please visit the event website.