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ScottMadden’s Energy Industry Update Webcast – “Under Pressure”

ScottMadden is gearing up to release our spring 2022 issue of the Energy Industry Update (EIU), themed “Under Pressure”. On Tuesday, June 7, from 1:00–2:00 p.m. EDT, we will host our free webcast, hosted by EnergyCentral, giving you the opportunity to hear directly from our energy experts as they share their views and field questions related to:

  • Transmission Interconnection
    • Many regions have a loaded and growing queue of power generation projects—many of which are wind and solar—seeking to connect to the bulk power system. However, the wait time from proposed interconnection to final approval can be quite lengthy, years in some cases, adding uncertainty for investors and developers both with projects under consideration as well as those later further down the line. Transmission operators and regulators are looking at potential approaches to manage this backlog, including grouping, increasing required levels of financial commitment, and process changes.
  • Decarbonization Portfolios
    • While much has been made of state, municipal, and utility commitments to net-zero targets, the specifics of how to achieve them have been deferred. With interim targets now looming less than a decade away, some utilities are engaging in planning exercises that consider technology readiness, cost, and suitability for their particular circumstance.
  • Fuel Switching
    • Global energy markets continue to add significant amounts of renewables to their resource mix. However, fossil-fueled capacity remains a critical, dispatchable resource. And while the demise of coal-fired generation has been predicted, a recent run-up in natural gas prices has had the unintended consequence of increasing generation by those coal plants. Is this a temporary dislocation or a longer-lived phenomenon as the industry makes its clean energy transition?

As a registered attendee, you will also be able to access the EIU in advance.