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ScottMadden’s Energy Industry Update Webcast – “The Waiting (Is the Hardest Part)”

Join us for a complimentary webcast where we dive deeper into the topics covered in our fall 2023 EIU. You’ll have a chance to hear directly from our experts and ask questions on topics related to FERC, clean energy initiatives in Denmark, and virtual power plants. Learn how the energy industry is navigating changes and overcoming obstacles as it relates to:

  • FERC’s Focus on the Grid: In response to recent challenges such as extreme weather events (e.g., Winter Storms Uri and Elliott), cyberattacks, and generator interconnection backlogs, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has identified transmission as a key area for policy development. Several new regulations have been issued by FERC to address these issues, and more actions are anticipated to strengthen the resilience of the bulk power system.
  • Denmark’s Clean Energy Initiatives: Denmark has recently passed groundbreaking legislation mandating a 70% reduction in economy-wide greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. To achieve this ambitious goal, Denmark is harnessing its abundant wind, bioenergy, and growing solar resources. Strategic investments in power-to-fuel technologies, such as green hydrogen, and carbon capture and sequestration are pivotal components of this eco-friendly endeavor.
  • Virtual Power Plants (VPPs): The aggregation of distributed energy resources (DERs) into virtual power plants is proving to be a momentous change in numerous energy markets. These coordinated, demand-flexible resources are gaining traction due to evolving market rules and increasing reliability concerns. The rapid growth and technological diversity of DERs are enabling new VPPs to shape the energy landscape.

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