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ScottMadden’s Energy Industry Update Webcast – “Take It to the Limit”

Complimentary Webcast | 1:00PM EST–2:00PM EST

ScottMadden’s latest Energy Industry Update (EIU) explores how the energy industry could be “taken to the limit” by long-term trends and challenging business-as-usual approaches. It has been published at a unique time in the world, as a whole, and within the energy industry. The COVID-19 pandemic is changing everything, and no one is sure how the industry will look later this year, let alone in the long term. What is certain is that customers will continue to need reliable and affordable electricity and natural gas.

The way that electric and gas utility service is delivered has been heavily impacted by COVID-19. Notwithstanding these dramatic changes to daily utility operations, it is likely that the broader trends we observed prior to this pandemic will continue to manifest in some form.

This free webcast will be based on ScottMadden’s latest Energy Industry Update. It will also provide ScottMadden’s perspectives on how COVID-19 may impact aspects of our industry. This is a great opportunity to take a step back and consider what is happening, what it means, and where our industry is headed.

During this session, ScottMadden’s energy experts will share their views and field questions related to the future of the gas utility, 100% clean energy goals, how they may be impacted by COVID-19, and regulatory strategy during a pandemic.

Join us to hear from Greg Waller; and Theo Tran, manager at ScottMadden. Cristin Lyons, partner, and energy practice leader at ScottMadden, will serve as the webcast moderator.

  • We will discuss the future of the gas utility with a focused discussion regarding regional regulatory and market changes that provide opportunities and challenges for natural gas utilities. LDCs are implementing various responses to these opportunities and challenges ranging from innovative gas supply resource analysis and procurement to more flexible planning processes.
  • Greg Waller will explore a regulatory strategy to respond to and emerge from the current pandemic: The current environment has been marked by regulatory actions taken in support of both customers and utilities throughout the country. Uncover approaches to recovery, including actions that can be taken now, tactical decisions surrounding a utility’s next filing, and regulatory features that can position a utility to be better prepared for the next disruption.
  • Theo Tran will discuss 100% clean energy goals and how they may be impacted by COVID-19: As growing numbers of states, utilities, and corporations commit to clean energy goals, attention is turning to implementation and how the resource mix will change. Find out why electric utilities and regulators will need to consider technology, costs, and timing as they undertake this multi-decade journey.