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ScottMadden’s Energy Industry Update Webcast – “Just Can’t Get Enough”

Join us for a complimentary webcast where we dive deeper into the topics covered in our spring 2023 EIU. You’ll have a chance to hear directly from our experts and ask questions on topics related to integrated planning, resource adequacy, and lessons learned from Australia’s energy transition. Learn how the energy industry is navigating changes and overcoming obstacles as it relates to:

  • Australia – The rapid change occurring in Australia should send a clear message to U.S. utilities: the energy transition will be both top-down and bottom-up.  To avoid getting squeezed in the middle, utilities must be active participants by offering balanced solutions. In practice, this may require a cultural shift to solutions that account for reliability and affordability.
  • Integrated Planning – As utility systems (generation, transmission, and distribution) become more complex and reliant on their counterparts, planning will need to adapt to ensure goals are aligned within the utility and with the policy that is driving changes.
  • Resource Adequacy – Recent grid emergencies spur the electric industry to re-consider its approach to resource adequacy. Are traditional measures of resource adequacy – availability at peak – insufficient as more energy-limited resources come online?

As a registered attendee, you will also be able to access the EIU in advance. Please complete the form below.

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