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ScottMadden’s Energy Industry Update Webcast – Don’t Stop Believin’

Complimentary Webcast | 11:00AM EST–12:00PM EST

This free webcast will be based on ScottMadden’s latest Energy Industry Update. This semi-annual publication will feature inside views of recent significant events, emerging trends, and original analysis. See why more than 10,000 executive leaders rely on it for the most important trends and thought-provoking insights.

Our complimentary webcast will provide you with the insights and knowhow to navigate today’s complex, ever-changing industry. This is a great opportunity to take a step back and consider what is happening, what it means, and where our industry is headed.

During this session, ScottMadden’s energy experts will share their views and field questions related to smart grid modernization efforts around the nation, evolving federal policy toward wholesale energy infrastructure development, and opportunities for and possible trade-offs with increased electrification.

Join us to hear from Justin Stevens, director at ScottMadden; Chris Sturgill, manager at ScottMadden; and Jennifer Nelson, director at ScottMadden. Cristin Lyons, partner and energy practice leader at ScottMadden, will serve as the webcast moderator.

Efficient Electrification

Just a few years ago, the electric industry was concerned about a secular, long-term decline in growth in electricity consumption. With growing interest by some in continuing efforts at decarbonizing the energy sector, both the electric sector and environmental communities are promoting increasing electrification of activities historically fueled by carbon-based fuels. Even large-scale transportation activities (e.g., long-distance freight trucking) and heavy-duty industrial activities (e.g., fork lifts) are being considered as candidates for electrification. Justin Stevens will address:

  • What do we mean when we talk about “efficient electrification”?
  • Which end-use applications and sectors are candidates for electrification?
  • What is the role of vehicle electrification in this discussion?
  • What assumptions or conditions are required to make electrification more attractive?
  • What are potential limitations (market, economic, and behavioral) to significant growth in electrification?

Grid Modernization

Utilities around the United States have been proposing and implementing grid modernization initiatives. Drivers of those efforts are varied: replacing aging equipment, improving resilience, and preparing for increasing levels of distributed energy resources, among others. In some cases, these initiatives are “Smart Grid 2.0” for the distribution system. Chris Sturgill will explore:

  • What exactly is grid modernization, and what isn’t it?
  • Where are some hotspots for grid modernization around the country?
  • What roles do distribution system demonstration projects or pilots play in grid modernization initiatives?
  • How are some of these grid modernization efforts being paid for?
  • What approach can utilities employ in planning and piloting grid modernization initiatives?

Gas and Power Infrastructure Development

Federal policy toward infrastructure development is in flux. In power transmission, as FERC’s Order 1000 continues to play out, competitive transmission continues to face hurdles, and FERC is re-examining financial incentives that have been in place for years. Gas pipeline development has been continuing, although in some regions, local opposition has been active. Divergent opinions at a divided FERC on gas pipeline approvals could mean a more difficult path for investment. Jennifer Nelson will discuss:

  • What are some pipeline and power transmission projects that have faced significant issues as they have progressed, and how are those issues playing out?
  • What potential regulatory changes is FERC considering for certification of pipeline projects?
  • What changes to transmission policy and incentives is FERC considering?
  • What are possible outcomes and what are the potential implications for infrastructure development ahead?