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Renewables: Extracting Value from Power Markets Conference July 2019

ScottMadden will join industry leaders as a sponsor and presenter at Infocast’s Renewables: Extracting Value from Power Markets conference taking place July 23-25 at the Hilton La Jolla Torrey Pines in La Jolla, CA. This unique meeting will provide attendees a searching discussion of critical issues facing power markets, including top forecasters’ views on future price and power market fundamentals, market design changes on the horizon, best opportunities for hedge deals, and much more.

Below are details related to ScottMadden’s participation.

Conference Workshop

Power Market Demand Outlook

There are many trends in play that are likely to significantly influence the demand for power in the future. This session will evaluate these trends, assess their likely impact across power markets, and provide a market demand outlook for PJM, ERCOT, CAISO, MISO and SPP.

  • What will be the cumulative impact of state and city energy efficiency goals, consumer product improvements, and other energy efficiency developments on demand in the future?
  • What is the expected impact of distributed energy resources (solar PV, BtM battery, DR) on demand?
  • How big a boost to demand will transportation electrification provide?
  • Where is there load growth expected? How much demand growth is coming from data center facilities and how significant are data centers for load growth and contracting opportunities?
  • What role might consumer behavior play in affecting demand?


Josh Kmiec, Director, ScottMadden, Inc.

Panel Discussion

Power Market Transformation and Renewables

  • How will policy and regulatory intervention continue to shape markets? What impact might it have on the technology mix?
  • How might these changes impact grid flexibility, competition, reliability, and resilience?
  • Will markets and market rules evolve to better value renewables and energy storage? What changes are needed in market design and market rules? What is the outlook for regulators to take these issues up and implement changes?
  • How might technology innovation impact markets?
  • What opportunities, revenue streams, and risks might they create for renewables?
  • What impact might they have on price forecast?


Paul Quinlan, Manager, ScottMadden, Inc.


Tim Belden, Principal, EnergyGPS Consulting

Tanya Bodell, Executive Director, Energyzt

Ethan Paterno, Partner, PA Consulting Group

Venki Venkateshwara, Managing Director, FTI Consulting

For additional information, please visit the event website.