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Energy Industry Update Volume 24, Issue 1


King for a Day

The energy utility industry faces several substantial challenges, requiring major investment, time to remedy, and a favorable regulatory and business environment. These challenges might be easily resolved if one were “king for a day.” Such a king could order new infrastructure to be constructed to satisfy emerging large loads…hire the next generation of skilled workers…or fix our gas and power infrastructure and processes to ensure grid reliability, particularly during major weather disturbances.


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Utility Themes

After years of flat electricity demand, utilities must now deal with the enviable problem of significant and potentially rapid load growth. In tandem, they must consider transition and decarbonization goals, resilience and modernization requirements, and, ultimately, customer affordability.

Winter System Performance

System operators and planners will need to focus on weatherization, preparation, inspection, and coordination—on both the power and gas systems—to meet winter demands on bulk power resources. Emergency and transmission operations practices in extreme cold conditions will be a focus of NERC over the next few years.

Large Loads

The emergence of large loads is a challenge that continues to grow in scope and scale across the United States. However, after years of flat growth, this may be a “good news” story for utilities that generate revenues on a volumetric basis.

Natural Gas Sector Developments

Gas utilities in jurisdictions with aggressive decarbonization goals should engage policymakers and regulators as they consider potential pathways to a lower-emissions future. Being proactive with options and education, as well as influencing policy prescriptions, can smooth any transition sought by regulators and stakeholders.

Workforce Development

The energy industry faces new workforce development challenges. Concerns about an aging workforce have been replaced with a need to enhance the skills of younger workforce and develop talent in emerging technologies.

The Energy Industry in Charts

This is a graphical look at interesting facts and statistics in the energy industry.