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Corporate Responsibility Solutions and Services

Unlocking Sustainable Competence

At ScottMadden, we blend sustainable foresight with corporate strategy to promote enduring operational excellence across industries.

Our comprehensive approach and expertise empower your organization to establish a sustainable operational vision that aligns with stakeholder expectations and broader business goals.

Understanding the ESG Landscape

Recognizing the increasing scrutiny of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices by various stakeholders, employees, customers, shareholders, and regulators, we understand the importance of effectively managing these elements, not only for risk mitigation but also for uncovering value creation opportunities and managing stakeholder expectations.

DEI Strategy and Programs: Cultivating Inclusive Excellence

A strong DEI strategy is a moral imperative and a competitive advantage. When companies create an environment that celebrates diversity, equity is standard, and ingrains inclusion, businesses can tap into potential and drive meaningful innovation.

Carbon Accounting and Neutrality

We offer expertise in understanding carbon markets and reporting requirements, developing strategies for comprehending emission profiles, risk appraisal, and mitigation.

Utility and Organizational Renewables Strategy

With our deep industry knowledge, we can assist in developing and driving renewables procurement strategies and help organizations strategize to meet decarbonization objectives.


Our Solutions and Capabilities also include:

    • Corporate Sustainability Consulting and Organizational Strategy
    • Materiality Assessments and Stakeholder Engagement
    • Corporate Social Responsibility and Reporting
    • Integrated Resource Planning and Decarbonization Strategy
    • Benchmarking




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See how ScottMadden has helped it’s clients meet its Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility goals.

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