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Be recognized and rewarded for your accomplishments.

Mentoring Brings Results

Your career will have a head start at ScottMadden, where experienced team members serve as one-on-one mentors for new employees. Sponsors and onboarding ambassadors are the link between you and the partner group, explaining company policies, providing relevant new information, and serving as a personal resource on how things work at the firm.

We Don’t Play the Waiting Game

At ScottMadden, talented consultants can move up quickly. Quarterly career advancement decisions and performance reviews mean career gains are often measured in months, not years, and our compensation package is highly competitive, ensuring that your salary expectations will be as pleasing as your professional growth.

Advancement Requirements

Associates earning the promotion to senior associate show basic mastery of the consulting process, high utilization by ScottMadden’s clients, successful completion of assignments, and excellent communication skills.

To step from senior associate to manager, you will be expected to perform well in all of the above areas, while also demonstrating the ability to handle a diverse range of projects, manage junior-level associates, and complete assignments on schedule and within budget. Advancement to the director level requires top performance as a managing associate, along with the ability to reach near maximum levels of incentive compensation.

Moving into the top tier as a partner requires superior performance in a variety of areas, including leadership in management consulting, high utilization, communication skills, and the ability to independently and consistently expand client assignments.

Welcome to ScottMadden!

Sussex Economic Advisors is now part of ScottMadden. We invite you to learn more about our expanded firm. Please use the Contact Us form to request additional information.